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Akmazo Capital is an investment firm focused on building market-leading B2B SaaS businesses. We are Active Advisors with proven operating experience.
We are an e-commerce and web design solutions company based out of Toronto, Ontario, We provide e-commerce, marketing, and web design services for companies across the globe. Be A Part Of was started in 2004, and we have been cultivating our business over the past 15+ years before deciding that it was time to use our experience and talented staff to grow our knowledge and get caught up with today’s latest industry trends. We called this period, our year of growth. We worked hard on internal prices, staff development, and garnering relationships in the industry including some certifications. In 2019, we are proud to work with Fortune 500 companies as well as Small and Medium sized Entrepreneurs. We make the complicated world of ecommerce more simple through innovative ideas and straight forward execution.
Creator allows the marketer to bring any design file to life by instantly transforming it into engaging, interactive, shoppable digital experiences; publishing those experiences to every consumer touchpoint, and optimizing them continuously, in real time, to maximize online sales.
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JRNI is the leading enterprise customer engagement platform for facilitating enduring, consistent and outstanding customer engagements throughout the entire customer loyalty lifecycle, at scale. With a tightly integrated set of modules designed to automate enterprise use cases for event management, appointment scheduling, virtual & physical queue management, and advanced reporting & analytics, JRNI helps businesses offer remote and in-person experiences that build stronger customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase revenue and efficiency.